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Star Wars 1313 Was Going to Star Boba Fett

originalYeah, so by now you’ve probably heard all about the closure of LucasArts, but what you might not considered is that this pretty much brings the axe down on Star Wars 1313, a third-person shooter action game that was promised to bring a darker, more mature element to Star Wars gaming. That by itself really sucks, but just this week our friends at Kotaku uncovered the frustrating fact that 1313 would have starred Boba Fett.

Do you know how long I’ve wanted to be Boba Fett? Oh, only since I was about seven years-old. Nah, totally cool. Crush my dreams.

While 1313 has pretty much fallen into the Sarlacc pit never to return, we at least have a nice collection of concept art to look at Head over to Kotaku and check it out.

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