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Elf Sabers: A Joyous Fight to the Death

This time of year is filled with merriment and cheer, home cooking, and bright colorful displays of toys and lights. It’s also a time where everyone is traveling, you’ll be together with your extended family longer than perhaps is healthy, the stores are packed, your budget is shrinking and…*sniff sniff*…is something burning?

So we might be dealing with a little additional stress this time of year on top of your normal day-to-day. That seems to be the issue at hand below in the J. Hutt Casting Office, where:

(holiday cheer + work-a-day stress) x holiday pressures = elfy lightsaber fight.

The video is produced by and stars the fantastic Teal Sherer, an actress who’s also involved in the start-up project My Gimpy Life. You might also know her from The Guild, among other things. Also starring is the equally fantastic Casey McKinnon who, astonishingly, according to her Google+ page, is the droid you’re looking for (so that solves that) in addition to being an active web-series actress and twitter aficionado.

Check it out below and enjoy:

3 Responses to “Elf Sabers: A Joyous Fight to the Death”

  1. I’m glad to have solved that for you… also, thanks for breaking down the math for me! ;)

    Thanks for posting this, Kyle! XOXO

  2. Teal Sherer says:

    Thanks for posting this Kyle! Very cool of you!!!!!!

  3. The Mighty says:

    Wow, the pay for this elf gig must be incredible!

    Anyhow, loved this! Very well done battle and the ending is perfect. More, more, more!

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