New This Month from Del Rey Spectra: July 2014

Check out these hot new titles from Del Rey, Spectra, and Lucas Books!

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Rumors, Not Facts, About Harrison Ford’s Injury Worrying ‘Star Wars’ Fans

Unless you’re a farm boy living on your uncle’s moisture farm on a planet lightyears from the bright center of the universe, you’ve probably heard by now that 71 year-old actor Harrison Ford was injured on the London set of Star Wars: Episode VII. Unless you’re a steely-eyed veteran of the Rumor Wars that always [...]

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Star Wars HoloNet Digest #61: June 18-25, 2014

Suvudu Star Wars contributor Eric Geller brings you a roundup of Star Wars news from June 18-25, 2014.

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‘Star War’ Music Medley Played on RimbaTubes

I’m late to the party, but apparently Kent Jenkins has been playing music on a homemade instrument he calls “rimbatubes” for quite a while now. In this installment to his ongoing YouTube series, he tackles a medley of Star Wars favorites. Want to learn more about Kent and the RimbaTubes? Click here.

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‘Looper’ Director Rian Johnson to Direct ‘Star Wars”: Episode VIII

Well, I certainly didn’t see this coming, and from what I’ve read, neither did he: Rian Johnson will be directing Episode VIII of the newly relaunched Star Wars saga.
If you pay any attention at all to science fiction cinema, then you probably already know Johnson for his smart, futuristic action film Looper: A movie that [...]

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New Artwork For James Luceno’s Star War Novel ‘Tarkin’

Our friends at the official Star Wars books Facebook page unveiled this particularly stunning piece of back cover artwork from James Luceno’s Star Wars: Tarkin, due out this November. I loved Luceno’s Darth Plagueis, and I can’t wait to see what he does with Tarkin!
This is the second novel charted out in collaboration with the [...]

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Lando’s Back, Baby: Billy Dee Williams To Reprise Role in ‘Star Wars Rebels’

Great news for fans of gentleman rogue Lando Calrissian: The administrator of Cloud City is due to return in Star Wars Rebels! Billy Dee Williams has confirmed that he’ll be voicing the character in the series, which is set to debut this fall on Disney and Disney XD.
The series is set five years before the [...]

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Star Wars HoloNet Digest #60: June 4-18, 2014

Suvudu Star Wars contributor Eric Geller brings you a roundup of Star Wars news from June 4-18, 2014.

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The Star Wars Novels Timeline

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