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Woman Named Skywalker Can’t Renew Her Passport

technically correctYou don’t know the power of… bureaucracy!

A British woman who legally adopted the middle name “Skywalker” became ensnared in an Imperial entanglement while attempting to renew her passport. Government authorities in the Home Office told Laura Skywalker Matthews (Yes, L. Skywalker) that they would not renew her passport because her legal name because is “subject to copyright”.

Matthews (or Skywalker, if you please) had no problems with her name prior to her scuffle with the passport office. In an interview with the BBC, She said that her new name is on her drivers license, bank cards, and other legal documents.

The Home Office is working with Matthews on a special (and especially bureaucratic) work-around worthy of Futurama’s Hermes Conrad: Matthews will submit the passport application with her old signature, and in turn receive a renewed passport… with her new name on it.

I wonder how much paperwork Vader had to wade through to get permission to blow up Alderaan?

Via The Guardian

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