Star Wars

Leonard Maltin Interviews George Lucas

Famed movie critic Leonard Maltin sat down with Star Wars creator George Lucas for a very special interview. Check part one out now!

5 Responses to “Leonard Maltin Interviews George Lucas”

  1. Xylar77 says:

    Recently? I’m 99% positive that these are the interviews they included on the VHS re-release of the trilogy back in 95/96. Maybe I’m wrong?

  2. Rob Cavicchio says:

    Xylar77: I think that you’re right.

  3. Matt Staggs says:

    You’re right – totally spaced on that one! Killed “recently.” Can’t believe that set came out so long ago. Man, am I getting old…

  4. Xylar77 says:

    I must’ve seen those interviews 1,000 times in fastforward. My first thought was that Maltin and Lucas have aged excellently since the 90s. But their set hadn’t.

  5. Leonard discusses the behind the scenes stories of these interviews here…

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