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Top 5 2013 San Diego Comic Con Exclusives

logo-CCIThe 2013 San Diego Comic Con is a mere month away!

I’ll be attending this convention this year and I’m excited for it. I didn’t go last year and there was a small hole in my heart for it. While I hate the crowds, I do love being surrounded by geeks who understand my particular insanity. It makes for great fun. I also love seeing friends that I otherwise don’t see. And this year, I’ll be there supporting Unfettered, many of the anthology’s contributors signing the book with me.

As with every year, I’ll be on the hunt for a few items that can only be found at Comic Con. These are exclusives and they range from movie memorabilia to comic books to art to autographs. It just depends on what I see and what I like.

And here’s a list!



Many of the exclusives I pick are art-oriented. This one is no exception. Dark Horse Comics has put together a great exclusive cover for Star Wars #7. The series is taking fans back to the adventure-filled days following the destruction of the first Death Star when the Rebel Alliance was on the run.


I just love this image of Darth Vader. Imposing. Angry. I will hunt down this exclusive like Darth hunted down Jedi.

Location: Dark Horse Comics Booth #2615
Production Run: ?
Price: $5.00


Marc Silvestri is my favorite penciler. He has worked on every major comic book title, drawn every major comic book character, and does it with an unbelievably stylized talent. When he separated from Marvel Comics and helped launch Image Comics in the 90’s with his Top Cow Productions, I followed him, reading his flagship title CyberForce


After almost two decades, he returns to that title, relaunching the series and producing gorgeous covers for every issue. For Comic Con, Top Cow has created this sketch variant. I will get one of these and eventually track down Marc, in the hopes of having him sketch something onto its cover. It will make for a great memory, especially if I can get him to sketch one of my characters in cyber form! What would you have him draw?

Location: Top Cow Booth #2629
Production Run: 100
Price: $20.00


I am a huge Superman fan (as you’ll see by looking at my #1). I am also a huge fan of Jim Lee, whose work in the comic book field has single-handedly made comic book readers for life. He is now in charge at DC Comics, overseeing some of the greatest characters created. And that includes Superman.


With the launch of Superman: Unchained #1 last month, Jim Lee has returned to penciling duties once more, working with great writer Scott Snyder. The first issue was amazing. So when I saw this exclusive, I knew I had to have it. And like Marc Silvestri above, I will track Jim down and get this bad boy signed—if I can weave through the 130,000 people, that is!

Location: Graphitti Designs Booth #2315
Production Run: ?
Price: $10.00


Winterfell. The Starks. The powerful Westeros house brought low by George R. R. Martin. Thanks to HBO, Game of Thrones has entered our cultural geekery. People either watch it, read it and watch it, or have never done both but know of it. It’s an amazing series, one that continues to conquer the globe every week that passes.


I love statues and items that can be hung. Especially if they are of a quality. This looks to be both. The crest of the Stark family is represented on this shield. It will go nicely next to my replica of the Iron Throne.

Location: Dark Horse Comics Booth #2615
Production: Limited
Price: $30.00


Yes, Superman again. I was excited to see Man of Steel and the movie hit more buttons for me than it didn’t. While I had some problems with the story, I loved the choice of Henry Cavill for the lead role and the design brought to the film. Those two things are combined here in a statue that I will be proud to own.


Now this is a statue! I’ve been waiting for someone to produce a quality Superman statue and Gentle Giant has finally pulled it off! Love the black suit and the base’s design. The statue is 14 inches of awesome. Hearkens back to a Grendel statue I once owned. I can’t wait to track this awesome piece of Superman history!

Location: Graphitti Designs Booth #2315
Production Run: Limited
Price: $129.95

I’ll be on the hunt for these and I’ll see what else I can find!

Expect coverage from Comic Con soon! Stay tuned!

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