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Casting Call for Luke Skywalker: The Inevitable Star Wars Remake


You know it’s coming. Hollywood hasn’t had a fresh idea in forty years. They’ll eventually get around to remaking Star Wars… to make it “fresh” and “relevant” for “today’s audience.” Maybe even Lucas will do it himself. Scratch that. I know Lucas will do it himself. The 3-D release of the original trilogy is only the latest outrage in a long legacy of self-cannibalization in exchange for a quick buck.

So let’s talk about the remake this week. Who would you cast in the role of Luke Skywalker. You know…if you had to do it – say, if you didn’t Lucas would issue an all Gungan edition of A New Hope: “Meesa feel boombad disturbance in dey force!

How about Justin Bieber? He already has the hair for it. The kids love him, too.


61 Responses to “Casting Call for Luke Skywalker: The Inevitable Star Wars Remake”

  1. AmbushBob says:

    Luke((Zack Efron)), Han Solo ((Hugh Jackman)) though he may be to old hes the only one in my opinion who could pull the right amount of cocky, Leia ((Mila Kunis)), Obi wan((Ewan MCgregor)), Palpatine ((Ian Holm)), Vader (( James earl Jones. duh)), Lando Calrissian ((Will smith)).

  2. wtf says:

    You sir, are the dumbest web writer in all of the WWW. this, even if made to be a joke, is the most retarded thing I have ever read in the last 33 years. Congrats for lowering my IQ level by reading this trash

  3. Michelle says:

    Justin Bieber would make Jar jar look like Olivier. And he would still be J2. Think about that.

  4. Nick Knight says:

    Justin Bieber can’t act, and he looks ridiculous. Will Smith is an offensive racist, not to mention supports the Muslim terrorists. Zac Efron would be a better choice for Luke Skywalker. And Eddie Murphy would be a better Lando Calrissian.

  5. Rodrigo Navarro says:

    If only you knew a year ago when this article was written, that now in 2012, Disney has bought the Star Wars franchise…… Beiber is looking ever so close so being the new Skywalker. * a tear races down my cheek*

  6. moderate says:

    Actually, from the early reports, the next movie is supposed to be taking place some 25 years into the future from RotJ… so it’s actually concievable that Hamill could play the older version of Luke in that movie.

  7. enitom says:


  8. michael says:

    if justin beiber is even considered for the part. there will be a mutiny on your hands disney! do not make that mistake!!!

  9. Dave says:

    Gerrad Butler for Han, Jamie Fox for Lando, Jennifer Lawrence as Leia, Benedict Cumberbatch as Vader Anthony Hopkins as the emperor

  10. dave says:

    Andrew Flint as Ja Ja Binx

  11. crhaggers says:

    If Bieber plays Luke, I’ll go and play f*cking Han Solo!

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